Like Attracts Like…

~ Remember?

Photo: Stock Photo, GoDaddy

Some years ago I was listening to a podcast featuring two evangelists and they were discussing “interesting” situations.  One of the pastors said what helps him identify his part in any given circumstance is asking himself this question: “Am I reaping or are they sowing?”  Let that sink in.  Deep right?  Keep in mind, lapses in judgement will breed unwise decisions and ultimately lead to undesirable manifestations.

People who are struggling nine times out of ten attract to them other people who are struggling as well.  People who “vent” about folks that they have the ability to speak to in person or on the phone attract folks into their lives that do the very same thing.  And the list goes on and on and on.  Now.  Let us not forget what goes around comes right back around at the most unexpected, inconvenient time.  I know for me, that arrogant decade aka my 20’s every once in a while, likes to morph into karma and be like ‘Hey, remember me?’.  Usually those are the times where I’m like, ‘Ah.  Okay.  This makes sense.  I totally recall doing and/or saying that to so and so.  Damn karma, you got me.’

One of the great things however about waking up each day is the reality there’s once again one more opportunity to get it right, to do better.  In fact, I’m getting clearer on how the Universe works.  If I want an A-game life and to be around gorgeous, A-game souls, I need to step my own stuff up.  And I know, the more I evolve into who I REALLY AM, not only will I attract who and what I REALLY WANT (and need), the more the people, places, and things that are no longer like me will no longer be on my radar.  Finally, I make it a point to remind myself that when I have actually attracted what and/or who I want into my life, I should cherish that on a regular basis.  Why?  Because I got exactly what I asked for.  Namaste Lovelies.