Stock Photo courtesy of GoDaddy
Stock Photo courtesy of GoDaddy

It’s in the cards…literally.

Two oracle* decks…12 cards…one potent reading.

I got you.

When I do it, all the light bulbs go on.

$111 USD  for a 30-minute reading via telephone. A comprehensive pdf of your reading will be emailed to you within three hours of our phone conversation.

Email [email protected] for specifics.


* There is a subtle, yet specific difference between a tarot reading and an oracle reading. A tarot reading sources a tarot deck that is comprised of 78 cards. These 78 cards are made up of two groups: major arcana (22 cards) and minor arcana (56 cards). There are four categories within the minor arcana that are specific to tarot: wands, cups, swords, and pentacles. Finally, there are numerous spreads/layouts of tarot cards that are regularly utilized in tarot readings. An oracle reading sources an oracle deck that is not limited to a specific number of cards nor a specific numbered and/or tiered system. Spreads/layouts for individual oracle decks are specially curated by the deck creator/illustrator based on their own divine affinity, lineage, and/or resonance with the imagery, consciousness, and/or archetypes of their respective decks. My spiritual beliefs and path are robust and wonderfully diverse. I’ve had (and continue to have) the honor and pleasure of sitting at the feet of many wise, seasoned, and esteemed Teachers, Priestesses, Priests, Reverends, and Pastors over numerous decades. My ongoing, strong affinities with Totem Animals, Hindu Goddesses, and African Sibyls (just to name a few), guide my decision to consult with oracle decks that represent the aforementioned, thus significantly amplifying the impact, accuracy, and timeliness of any reading I interpret.