Welp. I Gave it a Year…

Picture: Stock Photo. GoDaddy

…and I’m still here.

I landed in San Francisco on April 27, 2019. I grabbed an airport shuttle and checked into a cushy hotel. No nap. Then I looked at an apartment I couldn’t afford, checked my mail at my FiDi p.o. box, and walked through Chinatown (acquired some new jewelry -priorities- and ate my first SF meal). Wardrobe change. Then I went to a ‘Black Laughs Matter’ event (thanks BrokeAssStewart!). Jet lag much? Within my first week, three job interviews, three offers, accepted one. I took a hot yoga class, checked into a new hotel (this time in the Tenderloin; I keep my ish diverse), went on my first SF date, all the while working as a tour guide driving a rainbow colored vehicle (I’m so talented). Annnnnnnnd cue needle loudly scratching a 33 vinyl album.

Poof. No more Bumble bro; guess it wasn’t meant to be. Stay with me ‘cuz this goes fast. Cut to: hotel, me on co-worker’s couch, dog/house sit for co-worker, multiple cats/house sitting gig, airbnb, hotel, airbnb, house sit for friends, two airbnbs, hostel, airbnb, dog/house sit, airbnb, ashram, dog/house sit, dark night of the soul at airbnb, and friends’ couch. End scene. I was like a Phoenix rising from the ashes while staying with dear friends in Emeryville. Yes, I know. Had I rolled into SF with thousands of dollars things would’ve been different, slightly easier, less mentally taxing. HOWEVER! I would not have garnered all of the wonderful, unpredictable, exciting, utterly ridiculous, heartwarming, rewarding experiences I now have.

Four gigs later, things came full circle for me earlier this year in San Francisco; my own space…FINALLY. Doing (professionally and creatively) what I genuinely love. Six minutes from where I first landed last year. Talk about six degrees of separation. More like six blocks of convenience. No seriously. Grocery stores, my p.o. box, literally everything I utilize in my everyday life is within six blocks. Oh and speaking of six. Social distancing much? Even in the midst of COVID-19, I remain grateful. Tony (as in Bennett) is right. My heart is in San Francisco. Yes. Things are a smidge weird to say the least as going to the grocery store is on a whole other level (where’s my mask? my latex gloves? my sunglasses? my hand sanitizer? my disinfectant spray?). But fuck it, I AM grateful in more ways I could ever imagine. Why? Divine Timing. And there’s no other place in the world I’d rather be navigating through this new reality than right here in San Francisco. Namaste Lovelies ॐ