Dear 2017, Thank you for being here…

~ I learned a lot

Photo: Erynne Elkins, © 2017

2017 has been (and still is) a whirlwind.  It seems like only weeks ago I lamented the entirety of 2016 (read my New Year’s Eve post about it).  What a phenomenal year it’s been for not only me, but all Women!  From the undeniable #MeToo movement along with the overdue rendering of justice in the form of male firings and resignations to Herstory being made right here in New Orleans with our first female African-American Mayor who truly is the Best Woman for the job.

2017 continues to provide a much needed foundation in facilitating my return to myself and my essence, honoring my truth responsibly by speaking up.  Living my truth, regardless of the consequences.  Recognizing and understanding I am a multi-purpose being: Writer, Yogini, Nanny, Traveler, Entrepreneur, and Clairvoyant.

2017 is a year of strengthening, growing my spiritual practice, traveling, integrating, establishing supportive and grounding energy in my personal space, engaging in my community, realizing, releasing, expecting, completing, and correcting.  I can honestly say 2017 worked for me.  And boy did I reciprocate, lol.  So here’s to having (and sticking with) a very specific, intentional plan for expansion in 2018.  Here’s to taking my time so I can immerse myself in (and fully enjoy) the powerful, abundant, and rewarding boons of Life.  Namaste Lovelies and Happy New Year!